UNBOXING August Mystery Box

Hello My Lovelies!!

After weeks of hard work and secret keeping, we can finally unbox the wonderful August mystery box and show you all the treasures that were hidden inside!



Our cardboard boxes were chosen with the era in mind. I loved the idea of sending a brown paper package tied with string or ribbon, but I didn't think it would survive the postal service and therefore opted for the hardier cardboard box. I figured the boxes would come in handy - you could use them for storage? Keep Knick knacks in them? We love recycling here at Cerys' Closet!

Each box is hand embellished, put together and filled by myself and Sue in the shop.


On the first layer of the box we have given you a printed postcard by Pin Up artist Gil Elvgren. 

The inspiration for this box came from the Pin Up masters work enclosed. 

Gil Elvgren is one of my fave artists, the hair and make up in each of his pictures as well as old movies led me to fall in love with the era.

Also included on this layer is a thank you note from myself and Sue, and a discount code for 10% off your next order from our website*

*Ts and Cs on our website 



On the second layer of the box I have included: - 

A hand fan - Every pin up, rockabella, and vintage vixen needs a hand fan. Whether your jiving at an event or chilling at a garden BBQ; your fan will make you the envy of every person around you. 

*the design for each box varies

A quirky retro mason jar - At a BBQ you will never be seen without a drink in hand - so make sure you carry yours in style!

* these are glass

Reusable Ice Cubes - No one wants their cocktail to be watered down by ice! Keep the cocktails killer with reusable ice cubes in the CUTEST shapes!


On the third layer I have focused on accessories!

Every BBQ outfit should be accessorised, and here we have given you a good base layer of accessories to either start your vintage/ pinup journey or add to your stash.

Hibiscus Hair Flower Clips - these are an accessory staple and I highly recommend them. I have been doing victory rolls and bumper bangs for years, and I still get days where my hair has a mind of it's own. Adding flowers can hide a multitude of sins including flyaway or frizzy hair. If you wear a simple ponytail - adding flowers can take your hair to the next level.

Tortoise Shell Cat Flick Sunglasses -  this is another vintage accessory staple and the shape looks amazing on all face shapes. I LOVE THESE!

Splendette Fakealite Bangle - Splendette is a well regarded repro bangle manufacturer and has a huge following in the Vintage/ Pin up and rockabilly market. When it comes to bangles - YOU CAN NEVER WEAR TOO MANY!

Handmade earrings -  When making the box I couldn't decide if you would like a dangly earring or a stud - so I made both.

I have been making jewellery since my teenage years and have always sold a selection in the shop. The roses we make are always popular with the vintage community and we have a large following of people who buy every colour that we make - so the rose studs were a safe bet. 

The anchor dangly earrings are something I thought would add another dimension to the box as they have more of a rockabilly edge. The ear hooks are made from surgical steel (to prevent irritation) and the anchors are made from a silver blend and wont tarnish.

The Final Layer

On the final layer I have put the largest item inside the box: - A gorgeous frilly cotton pinny with a HUGE white bow!

Going back to the image drawn by Gil Elvgren at the beginning of the box, the vintage vixen in the picture is wearing a pinny over her undies at her back garden BBQ.

When I saw the frilly aprons I instantly thought of that picture and knew I had to build the box around this item. Now I'm not suggesting that you should all head out into the garden in your undercrackers and your pinny, but if you do I highly suggest sunscreen and giving us a little tag on facebook ;)


A lot of you have asked if the items inside the box are worth more than you pay for the box... the answer is most definitely YES. The RRP for the items inside this box; excluding the cost of packaging and the items on the first layer is £36.46 - you pay £20.00. 

Reviews are coming in already, and lots of happy customers are awaiting the next box. Please sign up for our news letter so you know when the next one is due.


We still have a couple of these boxes available on the website if you fancy grabbing a bargain or treating yourself BUY YOURS HERE

A big THANK YOU, to everyone who purchased our very first Mystery Box and especially to those who took the time to review us.

If you have a request or suggestion or even constructive criticism, please feel free to inbox me.

Lots of Love

Cerys xxx